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    The EFT-3002 has been specifically designed for the deep freezing of embryos in 1/4 or 1/2 cc straws. Using advanced electronic technologies and liquid nitrogen cryology, the EFT-3002 provides a safe and reliable method for freezing mammalian embryos to a low temperature suitable for plunging into liquid nitrogen for long term storage. Relying on the freezing capability of liquid nitrogen, the EFT-3002 can freeze samples without the use of fluorocarbon-compressor based refrigeration equipment.

    The use of alcohol in the freezing chamber provides a more stable and uniform conduit for the temperature transfer than a air filled chamber, but the unit will operate without alcohol if desired.

    The cooling rate of the EFT-3002 can be set from -0.1 to -0.7 degree C per minute.

    The start temperature is factory set at -6.5 degrees C

    Final bath temperature is factory set at -35 degrees C.

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    Unpacking & Inspection

    The EFT-3002 is shipped in a sturdy aluminum carrying case with a soft foam lining. Each case is designed to protect the freezing components and should perform safely under normal handling conditions.

    Since the freezing unit has few parts, it travels quite safely in the provided carrying case. As with any electronic equipment, care should be exercised in transport and operation to avoid dropping or exposure to water.

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    Electrical & Connections

    The EFT-3002 comes from the manufacturer with a North American standard power cord and is able to operate from mains voltages of between 100 and 240 volts 50-60Hz or 12 volts DC. Power cables for other countries can be obtained in those countries. Any combination of two power sources may used simultaneously.

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    Heat Transfer Media

    The EFT-3002 is designed to use ethanol, isopropyl alcohol or ethylene glycol as the freezing chamber heat transfer media. Alcohol with a purity of 90% are best. During exposure to air the alcohol will absorb moisture. This contamination will cause the alcohol to become thick at low temperatures. In extreme cases, this could cause straws to become frozen into the freezing chamber. Do not reuse the alcohol if ice crystals have formed on the surface.

    The use of other heat transfer liquids is not recommended. Fluids such as acetone, methanol, and isopentane should be avoided because of their caustic effects on plastic parts contained in the freezer. The use of non-approved fluids will void all warranty from the manufacturer and dealer. Do not transport the unit with alcohol in the freezing chamber.

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